Friday, April 25, 2008

Exam Time Eccentricities!

Talking about Exam Time.....a whole lot of memories come flooding by. Some of the Exam Time Eccentricities would be worth examining by the Psychologists.

Putting hair oil is not something strange to us Indians. It is supposed to nourish the hair and cool one's head.....but of course only had "Behenjis" with oil on their head. However, as exams approached, one could see all around more girls walking with oil on their hair... in fact extra oily hair braided tightly! Yes! perhaps we thought that the oil would prevent the escape of what we read from our heads!!??

Now this, I must tell you is real strange but it's so true....and we tease her till date. A very good friend of mine....only during the Exam Time needed to study with a "Dupatta" (scarf) tied tightly on her forehead. She too cannot fathom why she did that.....perhaps she did not want what she read, to fly away from her brain!

Then I had my room mate with her Lucky Tee Shirt. A shirt she was willing to lend if one needed when she was not using it. How generous of her!

Yes, one thing about living in a hostel is that we all felt like one Big Family. We would understand and help each other. Of course like all families there would be fights and back biting.....but then No Outsider / Day Scholars could touch any of us, Hostellers! We would all be united then!


Anonymous said...

I have seen you at iraqimojo lately. I am DJ,one of the few women that has posted there(I no longer do.)

Just wanted to post a good video on the war.

Scott Ritter: The Case Against the U.S. War on Iraq
parts 1-4

Also 3 pieces by my favorite 3 living Indian authors.

You and Marion are doing a great job trying to keep some human decency and compassion in the conversation. Keep up the good work. Don't expect much rationality and compassion back from the Mojo boys though. They are committed to this war with an ideological fervor that mirrors fanatical blind acceptance of religious dogma. American propaganda is very effective and powerful. :)

Mirandian said...


DJ. Sorry for getting back late as I just moved out & moved into a new country! Thanks for your kind words. Appreciate it.

I stumbled into Iraqi Mojo sometime back last year but then stopped commenting till Anand once again urged me to dropped by again! See you around!


Anonymous said...

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